About Us

Founded in 2000 in Hong Kong, Property.hk persistently focuses on the design and development of Property Management System and the provision of Property Information including:

  • asking prices
  • sales and purchase transaction prices
  • court orders

We operate one of the Hong Kong's leading property portal sites at Property.hk, which was formerly located at www.propertyIT.com, since March of 2000. Property.hk is a property advertising service website. It is our desire at Property.hk to make it Quick and Easy for you to search and find the most available property all over the territory through our advanced and innovative property search engine "Twin Search".

"Twin Search" enables an instantaneous display of 'Asking Prices' and 'Sale & Purchase Transaction' on the same page. We believe Twin Search serves you better for research of properties than anything else on the planet.

The introduction of Property.hk fulfills the wide-ranging needs of the property related businesses by providing you with over 50,000 of property listings to choose from. Listings are being updated daily and this service is absolutely Free!

Property Search
Property.hk contains the largest databases with more than over 50,000 units available for sale and over 5,000 units available for lease, which enables you to access all sorts of property categories, namely commercial unit, shops, residential unit, industrial unit, car parking space, village house, warehouse, land, etc, from 60 districts all over the territory. ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! The interested parties are allowed to take their time to search, research and analyze their target properties precisely with our broad range of supplementary information, e.g. layout, view, size, year of completion, etc, over the Internet.

Online Listing
Property.hk is the largest and the most heavily trafficked Free property listing service online with over 500,000 unique visitors monthly. You can list and market your property over the Internet for the public and over the Intranet for our over 1,100 local top property agency firms and over 12,000 property agents- reducing your marketing cost, expanding your property's reach, enhancing your property's insight on the market, and accelerating the pace of the transaction!

2009 Property.hk wins the top prize "Gold Award" at the first "Top 10 .hk Website Competition"

Charitable Donations and Sponsorships
2010 Property.hk donates HKD40,000 to Ebenezer School and Home for the Visually Impaired for facilities upgrade
2011 Property.hk sponsors HKD47,000 for all the prizes awarding to the winners of SME Group at the second "Top 10 .hk Website Competition"
2012 Property.hk sponsors HKD10,000 for the third "Top 10 .hk Website Competition"
2015 Property.hk sponsors HKD10,000 for the "2015 Top 10 .hk Website Competition"
2016 Property.hk donates HKD65,000 to China Care Fund http://www.chinacarefund.org
2017 Property.hk donates HKD100,000 to China Care Fund http://www.chinacarefund.org
2018 Property.hk donates HKD100,000 to China Care Fund http://www.chinacarefund.org
2019 Property.hk donates HKD100,000 to China Care Fund http://www.chinacarefund.org
Let's experience an amazing journey of property search at Property.hk and the featured functions in it!